质量 暖通空调服务 is more than just the here and now - it's about the future of your building. Our team will partner with you long-term to deliver quality 商用暖通空调维修 和维护, 还有预防措施, cost-effective solutions to enhance your facility and extend the life of your HVAC systems.



当你需要商业建筑的暖通空调服务时, you want a company who will take a consultative approach and execute a solution customized to your specific needs. 这是我们暖通空调服务团队的基石. A service agreement with LONG means you’ll receive a team of experts who will not only support, 维护, 修复, 升级, 和/或改造 暖通空调设备 in your building, but will take the time to listen to your wants and needs. It’s not “one size fits all” – your 暖通空调服务 plan will be as unique to your building as your HVAC systems. We’ll 维护 communication with you so you’re never left in the dark and will do what it takes to deliver the mechanical service you need, 当你需要的时候.

商用空调服务 & 客户关怀

暖通空调维修、更换; & 改造

A breakdown in mechanical equipment interrupts your daily operations, 影响你的预算, 并影响建筑环境的舒适度. Our HVAC technicians will drive to any location in the state and work quickly to 修复 your mechanical equipment, 这样你就可以回到最重要的事情上了. If the equipment cannot be fixed, we offer replacements from industry leading 暖通空调制造商 and can help you choose the best option to keep your system running smoothly.

If you find yourself in frequent need of service on your HVAC systems, 这可能是因为设备陈旧. Outdated equipment experiences recurrent breakdowns and failures and prevents your building from operating at its best. LONG can help you leverage your existing system with retrofit options and 升级 opportunities, so you can avoid the hassle of constant HVAC 修复 while saving money on energy costs.



We don’t just prioritize fixing your 暖通空调设备 when it goes down – we’ll help stop it from breaking in the first place. 预防性维护 on your equipment is one of the best ways to keep your building systems running at peak performance while limiting the likelihood and impact of mechanical breakdown. 当你与我们合作时, you’ll receive scheduled 商业 暖通空调服务 on your equipment to extend its life and cut down on unexpected service visits.


预防性维护 for HVAC systems certainly helps prolong your mechanical equipment, 但故障是会发生的. 我们知道这些情况很紧急,时间紧迫, so we offer our customers emergency 商业 暖通空调服务 on their buildings, 24/7/365. 白天或晚上, you can rely on LONG to keep your building systems functional and your occupants comfortable.




It’s easy to identify the needs of your building today, but what about your plans for the future? 你的设备什么时候需要更新? How can energy efficiency measures improve your bottom line? How do you work updates and energy improvements into your financial plans? 我们的团队在这里帮助回答这些问题.

超出预防性维护为您 暖通空调设备 today, we’ll consult with you and develop a plan for your building systems in the future. No matter what the goals are for your building, LONG is dedicated to making them a reality.



安全是我们最关心的问题. Our 暖通空调服务 team is dedicated to on-going safety training and education to stay up-to-date on the latest safety standards and practices. All HVAC technicians are trained in and receive continuing education for:

  • 10和30小时OSHA
  • 合格电气培训(电弧闪光)
  • 危险能量控制(锁定/标记)
  • 防御性驾驶培训
  • 秋天的保护
  • CPR / AED /急救
  • 通用制冷认证
  • 热工/防火
  • 无线电频率
  • 移动平台(升降机)操作员
  • 风险沟通
  • 石棉意识


“Long has skilled specialists who can address specific critical issues with each part of our system. The depth of their team helps to keep our systems running efficiently. 我希望在我们继续合作的过程中, that we will be able to make our systems run even better and more efficiently.”
韦恩·米. 罗宾逊
"The new web-based system provided by LONG was also able to integrate with the existing proprietary control system and with the new BACnet interface provided with the chillers in the central chiller plant..”

“You have been proactive and very professional and I appreciate your work and the dedication of the whole team. 我很高兴我选择了LONG!!!!”


"I wanted to express how impressed I have been with the service we received regarding some HVAC issues at one of our buildings for Habitat and Zeppelin Development.  Dewey Schlag went above and beyond to assist us while we were experiencing an emergency and trying to keep one of our largest tenants happy and warm.  他绝对是LONG的资产.

结果是, we are working to bring LONG on as our service provider for two of our buildings that have Daikin systems.”

莉莉一个. 巴奈特


LONG is proud to specialize in 暖通空调服务 for a wide range of 商业 markets. 点击下面的行业,看看我们如何提供帮助.



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